La primera noche en Madrid era loca! The first night in Madrid included tapas, too much sangria, cerveza San Miguel, y 4 AM bed time. Also, I am visiting museums, el rastro, the park, and perhaps a bull fight later...

I will take a bus to Granada tomorrow morning.


Hostel Plans

In Spain I will experience my first youth hostel. It seems that Spain has all sorts of accommodations around the country, but the hostel route seems like the best way to go (cheap and fun?). Frommer's did a nice job of breaking down the options...

In Madrid, I will be staying at La Posada de Huertas and, for my first night in Granada, I have a bed reserved at the Oasis.

U.S. Embassy

In preparation for my departure, I have been looking at govt info about Spain. I found that the U.S. Embassy in Madrid has some warnings posted about anti-war protests that may be happening around the country...people don't really care for the Iraq situation, so I'll be sure to leave my pro-Bush t-shirts at home...I'm just joking...do they even make "pro-Bush" t-shirts?

Also, I registered my trip with the U.S. Embassy so that they will know I am in Spain ;-)