Italy & France Travel Prep: What to EAT!

I am far from bored with the food scene in the states, let alone Philly. However, I am a bit sick of our convenience food culture and I hope to fill my stomach with some unique treats during my gastro-tour of Italy and France.

So far the Italian list includes: pasta con guanciale, pizza, gelato, pasta al tartufo, lemoncello, panelle (like fried hummus?), wine!!, bicerin (a chocolate/coffee drink), giandujotto (hazelnut chocolate treat), et cetera.

French: fromage!!, wine!!, aligot, souffle, escargot, frog legs perhaps?, turbot, cassoulet (at least one variety!), absinthe, wine!!!, boudin noir (a winter treat; a type of blood sausage), a good steak frites, and probably some more fromage!

Suggestions are welcome of course...

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