romancero gitano

Granada has many cultural events to learn more about the great Spanish poet/artist F. G. Lorca. I attended a wonderful gallery exhibit of artwork, created by artists from around the world, in response to various works by Lorca. The exhibit is titled "Lorca: Ojo con la memoria".

One night, I went to the ballet of "Romancero Gitano" in which I saw a wonderful mixture of modern ballet, flamenco dance and culture, and Lorca poetry. The stage is set in a cool and romantic section of the Alhambra's generalife gardens...SO WONDERFUL!

I was also given the opportunity to attend a memorial for Lorca (he died 70 years ago) in a small pueblo outside of Granada. I attended with my Spanish Literature class and we were given V.I.P. treatment!! ... There are many sad details about the Spanish Civil War, and one of them is the fact that Lorca was murdered and buried in an unknown location in 1936. I am very grateful that I was given a chance to see this memorial service. There was even a wonderful concert at the end...I really enjoy Spanish guitar; and we had studied the sonnets that were performed in literature class...

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